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2013 Baby Shower Trends: My favorite Pinterest Picks

When I was little, I remember participating in several baby showers where the main aspects were:

  • The Classic Baby Carriage
  • Women Only
  • Baby Food and Diaper Games

Well… times have changed and Moms-to-Be are aspiring to more unique and diverse themes with lots of fresh ideas.  Coed Baby Showers are also becoming very popular. Who would have thought that men would like to participate!  Luckily a greater number of dads-to-be want to share this special moment with their guy friends.

I have gone through several days of web browsing and pinterest sleepless nights looking for fun and creative inspirations for unique Baby Showers. The Trend is actually “THINK-OUTSIDE-THE-BOX”!  Yes! Bring into the design your personality, your most fun or unfulfilled dream,  your favorite thing, your favorite color, or simply think for something different!

Here are my picks for the best of 2013 Baby Shower Trends:


Among many of the different possibilities, I have fell in love with these three vintage Baby Showers:

  • A Vintage Circus Baby Shower:

When I think of childhood I think of warmth, color, and lots of new things!  What better way to portray the vast array of emotions in bringing a child to the world than with an exciting Vintage Circus Baby Shower.  This is a fantastic theme for Coed Celebrations.  Guys won’t be intimidated by lots of baby booties and rattles and they will have a blast!

You can choose any color as long as you keep the “aged” aspect that will take you back in time. Just keep it uniformed!

 Vintage Circus Baby Shower

 These are my favorite Circus Sugar Cookies so far:

Vintage Circus Sugar Cookies

  •  A Vintage Garden Baby Shower:

Continuing with my love for vintage.  This is an example of an aged themed packed with color and life!


Vintage Garden Baby Shower


  • A Pink Vintage Baby Shower Tea Party:

With a theme like this who can resist the temptation of a girly pink tea party?  At least I know it would be hard for me! This party was able to capture the beauty of being a girl and the timeless connection between generations!  I might need to go for baby number 5 to get myself a “Welcome Baby Shower” like this!

Vintage Tea Party Baby Shower


2. Woodland Animals.

Being a Waldorf Mom, I live immersed in a world of fairies and gnomes, woodsy toys and lots of imagination.  I am just missing a lush forest in my backyard to be in heaven with the kids!  With this in mind, of course a Woodland Animals Baby Shower will get my attention.  These are so cute and different, I have yet to see one of these in Miami (please correct me if I am wrong).

Among the many baby showers I was able to see through Pinterest.  These are my favorites:


This first idea has lots of handmade stuffed woodland creatures.  I love to bring dimension to any table. This is such a fun way to engage your guests.

Woodland Creatures Baby Shower

My husband’s family owns a cabin in Central Florida and our family loves to spend “floridan winter days” walking through the woods and finding owls, deer, squirrels and all kind of cute animals.  Since they are not native to our surroundings, we actually adopted a pet Hedgehog,  Zuu-zu (my favorite one of all times). The following “Baby Fox and Woodland Friends” baby shower, was by far, our favorite in the woodland category.


Woodland Creatures and Baby Fox Baby Shower

3. Little Man & Mustache Baby Showers.

I have to acknowledge the fact that I actually wanted a Mustache baby shower for my baby boy (born April, 2013). The colors and options were so fun. Unfortunately, well… I was working on a few other celebrations for our clients, and I guess being baby No. 4 I just let go of the idea.

The Little Man & Mustache Baby Showers were a huge trend in 2013, perhaps to the point of being overly done.  Most of you probably attended at least 1 this year, yet it is worth to mention as one of the most popular baby shower themes this year.


Mustache Baby Shower little man baby shower

 4.  Children Book or Nursery Song Inspired.


Among the Children Book or Nursery Song Inspired baby showers, the cutest themes I found were the following two:

  • Velveteen Baby Shower

Velveteen Baby Shower

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle Twinkle Little Start Baby Shower


5. Completely “Outside-the-Box”.

We have to be honest! Not many times do we see a baby shower that has never been done before, but with a vision it can be possible.  The following are two of my favorites baby shower that were thought “outside-the-box”:


  • Citrus & Gold Garden Baby Shower

Citrus Inspired Baby Shower

Citrus Inspired Baby Shower


  • A lovely Alphabet Baby Shower

Alphabet Baby Shower

Alphabet Baby Shower Ideas


Lastly, I simply need to talk about this.  Even though it is not a theme but an aspect of a baby shower, I will say to please please please  FORGET bout leaving Baby and Mom/Dad Wishes or Advise in diapers! At least I wouldn’t have the space to collect a big box of bulky diapers, or  feel emotionally inspired to read diapers when I have been changing a crazy amount of dirty ones.  I would rather sit in my nursing chair with a cup of tea reading vintage cards with wishes and advise by all those dearest to my heart. So…


Baby Shower Wishes and Advise for Mom and baby

Baby Shower Wish Tree











Baby Shower Diaper Wishes

We hope these ideas help you in choosing your next baby shower’s theme or at least give you some inspiration to create one of your own.  The best thing you could always do, is HAVE FUN EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

Many blessings!

Liz A.

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** All the images above are not product of  An Event  to Remember.  Pictures were obtained through Pinterest. Each link will take you to the original posts.


  1. I LOVE the alphabet baby shower. I recently hosted a circus themed baby shower for a friend you can see on my blog.

  2. Thank you Dominique! It is indeed a beautiful inspiration. I just checked out your website and the Circus Party was beautiful! Thank you for stopping by and sharing the love for event styling!

  3. I love the carnival them. Any idea where they found the cupcake carousel holder?

  4. hello,

    I love the Circus Baby Shower Theme. I am looking for the red ferris wheel thats behind the cake in your picture. Can you tell me where I can find one?

    • It looks the ferris wheel is a custom piece since I have not been able to find anything similar in the market.

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