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A D.I.Y Wedding Anniversary

Posted by on Apr 11, 2014 in Anniversaries, D.I.Y. Parties, Featured | 0 comments

A D.I.Y Wedding Anniversary

It is always an honor to be part of so many special moments! This Wedding Anniversary truly touches our hearts.

There are many occasions, where our already talented clients seek our help to properly organize a vast array of ideas and pinterest albums. Many times it can be overwhelming to sort through it all and find that perfect balance. For our clients, we usually go above and beyond! Not only buy helping them narrow down their choices but also in trying to help them find the perfect items to fit their vision!

Part of our services is that of consulting and hand choosing a collection of props that would bring the spark out of your event.

We are very grateful with the Saenz family for having shared their pictures with us! This is certainly a beautiful event to remember, handcrafted by one of our faithful clients.



A Vintage Chic Tea Party for a Little Girl in Pink!

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A Vintage Chic Tea Party for a Little Girl in Pink!

We want to thank our friend Raquel C. for sharing with us this beautiful 5th Birthday!

She designed herself all of the details to surprise her daughter with a lovely Vintage Chic all in Pink Tea Party.

Here are the details:

Venue:  Their lovely Coconut Grove Home

Guests:  15 Children

Duration: 2 Hours

Food:  Tea Sandwiches

Sweets:  Cupcakes

Drink:   Pink (Lemonade) Champagne

Entertainment:  Pink Cinderella Visit

Tablecloths:  Made with Specialty White Cotton Flower Embellished Fabric from Joann Fabrics

Kid Size Tables:  Rented by An Event to Remember by Cool Chicks

Pink Chiavari Chairs – Kid Size:  Rented by An Event to Remember by Cool Chicks

Favorite moment:  Seeing her daughter’s face when Cinderella sat down at this cute pink little table to drink Pink Champagne with her and her friends.



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