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Glamorous Graduation Party Ideas

If you are browsing the internet looking for Graduation Party Ideas and feel a little overwhelmed, you are not alone.  Sites like Pinterest can be addictive and they will certainly give you a couple of headaches while trying to narrow down your options.

When we first began our work as Event Planners, we pledged to always make it a fun process for the sake of our clients and our own sanity. To this day, we can happily say, it has been a very fun ride.  So don’t fret, planning the perfect Graduation Party doesn’t have to be stressful and tiresome.

When we first meet our clients we go through all of the party ideas they have collected, introduce some of our ideas and begin a careful selection process.   In spite of all of these ideas they may still not have a clear vision of how things would look as a whole.  This is the reason why we spend plenty of time brainstorming all possibilities.

We help them discard those aspects that were not going to fit into the big picture and tune it to keep consistency and continuity on their event.

For this particular party  we started with an all black and white party theme.  Little by little it evolved into fun colors, chic decorations, handsome bartenders, and amazing music options.

The final product included fabulous lighting effects by the pool with “cafe string lights” just like our client dreamed it.  We also added ambience lighting to create dimension in a very chic setting.

We also included  comfortable sitting areas by the pool deck with elegant white lounge furniture.   In addition we mixed formal dinning areas with cocktail tables to allow for a flexible eating experience.  Everyone easily found  the space that fit their mood (included two giant screens to watch a very important Miami Heat Game).

The food was simply delicious, Sushi Maki offered a wonderful Catering experience. What we enjoyed while working with them was their flexibility in accommodating to our layout needs.

The party included a nice mixed of family and young college friends.  A professional photo booth service as included at the request of our client.  This brought lots of laughs and many jokes, as each picture told a perfect story of friendship and family love.

Wow! There are so many other details. This party had it all!!!! A Grand Graduation Party like this could not be without a ” Handsome Flair Bartender” No wonder I could not get the girls to dance away from the Bar!

And last but not least, a great combination of Live Music by RichCoast and an extraordinary DJ (that work well into early morning!!)

Amazing food, personalized decorations, music, dance and friends made of this An Event to Remember!

Thank you to Stef, Pat and Steve for trusting us in creating it!





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