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How to make French Macarons

French Macarons have become a very famous dessert across the nation as well as on most of our Desserts Tables.

French macarons are beautiful and delicious but they are certainly the hardest baking project I have ever tackled.  Baking French Macarons is like working on a highly classified chemistry project.

Some of our fans are avid DIY’ers and have asked us to share with them a good recipe on how to make french macarons.

I have to be honest. I tried to make them on my own a few times over and every time something went wrong.  It became a fun challenge to figure out the reason why they didn’t come out quite right. 

I am posting a very nice and professional video published by “Entertaining with Beth in Youtube.  This was the first video that actually took some time to try to help you avoid the most common mistakes while making French Macarons.

If I may add my own personal recommendations, these would be the ones:

1. Make sure you will have at least 2 hours of uninterrupted time (I did my first attempts  at night while pregnant and when everyone else was already sleeping) and yet it took I few tries  before I finally succeeded.

2. Measure measure measure! Do not guess your ingredient amounts!

3. Sift! Do not skip this, lumpy macarons are not pretty.

4. Pre-heat the oven at the recommended temperature. Do not under any circumstance put them in before the oven has reached the right temperature.

5.  Use double layered cookie sheets.  Baking them over 2 cookie sheets will ensure they will bake evenly without burning the French Macaron bottoms (called feet).

6. Use your timer! One minute before the right time and they will still be wet inside and they will break apart. One minute late and they may be overcooked and the color will change.

Watch Beth’s video, take notes, and do not feel defeated if they don’t come out right the first time, or the second.  Share with us your baking adventure and most importantly have fun! Believe me, if they are ugly they will still taste like heaven.


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