The Secret is in the Details!

A Monsters University 4th Birthday!

It is incredibly rewarding when we realized that all the hours spent in carefully planning a celebration, resulted into an event that surpassed our  client’s expectations.

We started planning this “Monsters University 4th Birthday” a couple months back and it was such a fun task to start collecting little items and ideas, that would make of this day one to remember.

We begin by searching the best venue possible to resemble a fun “Monsters University Campus Air”. We actually decided to changed the original venue to one more suitable for lots of kids and adults. The final choice is rich with lots of beautiful oak trees that would certainly bring some delicious breeze into a hot spring Miami day! We chose Kendall Indian Hammocks Park and it worked like a charm!

We created an easy and breeze shelter decor with colorful Chinese lanterns and hand made fabric banners. A Hand Made Piñata (made by the very talented dad) was the final touch to transform this simple Park Shelter. The focal point:  A Colorful and sweets packed Cake Table!  The Cake: A simply amazing piece of art created by our talented and preferred Baker.  

The fun included endless bouncing, pony rides, cotton candy, a lovely monster entertainer that kept everyone jumping and dancing as well as the coolest face painting of all!

The best part of it all was, the mom, dad and grandma got to enjoy every single moment with the Birthday Boy without having to worry about putting all of it together, keep it going or cleaning up after it finished!

Thank you “B. Family” for including us in such a special day!!!


Photography by: Lady Sutachan Photography


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