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Yogurt and Granola Covered Grapes: A simple treat to Spark Up any Event

Food is such an important part of any celebration.  Family and friends gathered around enjoying a delicious meal,  is simply part of our nature.  Sometimes, we tend to fall  in the monotony of the same old foods and menus, it’s easy to always go back to something we have already tried.

Many, on the other hand, love to be daring and like to experiment with new drinks, hors d’oeuvres, party snacks and main meals. From preparation to presentation we can go wild and extraordinary, or simple and chic; yet why not bringing something new for everyone to enjoy?

One of the cutest ways to present an old time favorite party snack, “grapes”, is fun and very simple to accomplish:

Greek Yogurt and Granola Grapes.e

Yesterday we published this picture on our Facebook.  It looked so delicious we could not resist but it came without the recipe.

Looking for a few more ideas  I realized this is a very easy recipe but I would recommend it only for indoor events. You will need a freezer near by, as they will melt, especially in Miami.  You can bring them to the table in a beautiful display in small portions so it looks gorgeous throughout the party. Your guest won’t stop eating them!


1. Large seedless grapes.

2. Greek Yogurt. It is recommended Natural or Honey Flavored.

3. Tooth Picks.

4. Lined Cookie sheet.

Wash and dry your grapes.

Mix your Greek Yogurt either on the same container or in a separate bowl. Whichever option works best for you. I rather transfer it to another bowl. Make sure is deep enough for your grapes to be dipped nicely. On another bowl put your granola, hopefully fine, if it is too big, it may look bad.  You can also substitute for pistachios, or other finely chopped nut.

Put tooth picks on them and gently dipped in the yogurt.  Beware of clumps, it may affect the appearance.  You can gently tap the tooth pick with your finger to help any excess to come off your now beautiful grape.  You can either leave the toothpick or take it off. If you will serve it for kids, I would take the tooth pick off and let them take it with their fingers!

Gently dip it or roll it in the granola or nuts and place it on the cookie sheet. Repeat the process as fast as possible.  It is best to place them in freezer soon so they don’t drip and lose their pretty aspect.

That was simple right!?  Let us know if you ventured on this fab party snack!  We are always happy to share some tips and fun new ideas for your next event.


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